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Jun. 23rd, 2007

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oh geez.. i ate too many tacos. now i have hiccuburps. leah ate her corn without a fuss tonight! (she wanted ice cream)
another episode of doctor who tonight! i can't wait! i have to finish reading the play Trifles for my theater class first.
i haven't knitted any today. my hands thank me. i've been cleaning. my aunt/godmother from nebraska is visiting tomorrow! she's one of my favorite people in the world.
i requested another book from paperbackswap.com.. The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. I really liked A Dangerous Fortune by him.
i tried some blackberry merlot today. it was yummy.
i just finished part three of fifteen for Bleak House. PBS played a big chunk of it a long time ago, and I really liked it.
my mom's getting married! i remember ten years ago she was adamant about not getting married again after my dad left. and i remember a couple years before leah was born, i found my mom home alone crying hysterically. i tried to comfort her, but all she cried was "i don't want to get married again. i don't want to marry him." here we are today, and she's marrying him on the 7th. i can't make it because they're going to vegas. the sudden nature of it kind of worries me. my mom told me they were going to get married because if something ever happened to him they didn't want his kids to have more control than my mom. i understand that perfectly well, but it made me wonder if he was facing the beginning of an illness.. skin cancer, some other cancer, cirrhosis.. i don't know. i'm silly and too worrisome of death.
well.. Trifles here I come..

Jun. 22nd, 2007

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i finally registered a paperbackswap.com account (http://androiddreams.paperbackswap.com). there's tons of books i've collected that just sit (mostly self-help.. surprised, no?). and as i'm writing this i'm wondering 'what's wrong with the library?' The answer is the library of the city we moved to is very tiny. also, my grasp of time is horrible, and i seem to accrue fines every single time i borrow anyway. i'm trying to get Wicked and read it before i see it. i'm also trying to get Quincunx by Charles Palliser. i miss reading for my own pleasure. i seem to be drawn to fiction that takes place in a specific time period.

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why we have silverfish..

so Tuesday night after Leah and I got out of the bath, the water wouldn't drain. The water had been draining slowly since we've been here, so I figured if I left it alone it would eventually go down. Dustin came home from work and asked why the tub was full of water.. bleh. we tried for a couple of hours to fix it ourselves with our snake, declogger, and a plunger. Nothing worked, and really the plunging of the tub was disgusting. I don't recommend it. We gave up and called the landlord. He came over and tried for a bit with no success. He went home and called us with the phone number of the plumber he uses. The place was closed by that time, so we had to leave a message. The next day we waited and waited for them to call us back, but we finally ended up calling them around noon. They said they were real busy and might be able to show up that day and if not they'd show up the next day. Our landlord was pretty surprised to hear they were so busy, but anyway he came back the next day and tried more things to fix the clog. After he thought it might just be the built-in tub stopper jammed shut, he had me cancel the appt with the plumber. The built-in tub stopper had been stuck the whole time we've been here, so we just figured it was stuck on purpose so we wouldn't use it and there was a rubber tub stopper. I've snaked a tub drain before and probably got the snake several feet into the pipes. I couldn't get much further than one foot with this one. It just jammed, and that wasn't where the clog was. I guess there's a crappy twist to the pipe right there that a manual snake can't handle. Anyway, our landlord was here ALLLLLL day. I'm serious.. all day. It took a couple of hours to find out the built-in tub stopper was not the culprit. Then a couple hours later he thought it might have been a rock. I was pretty freaked out about the rock thing. Leah loves rocks. And yes... she sometimes brings them into the tub. But they're not small pebbles, they're inch long rocks. I didn't think it was small enough to go down the drain, but I went through Leah's toys and couldn't find the rock she had been playing with. Crap! I was hoping the clog wouldn't be our fault, especially after all the landlord has done to try and figure it out and fix it. He decided to get a big drill to see if he could drill through the rock, since he couldn't figure out any other way to get it out. He started drilling. Dustin, Leah, and I were downstairs, and Dustin said stuff started falling on his head! The ceiling was crumbling! Turns out that it wasn't a rock.. just the other side of the pipe at the turn. Bummer. He drilled right through the pipe and the wall. Then he ran some water before Dustin had the chance to tell him he drilled through. Ugh. Then he had to rip off the downstairs ceiling to get to the pipe he drilled through to replace it. But the clog was still a mystery. About an hour later he pulled out the most gigantic bunch of yucky solidified hair I've ever seen! yuck. there's a nice little present from the previous tenant. About an hour later, the pipes were replaced, and the shower was ready to be used. yay! it was getting very uncool to bucket out the tub in order to take a shower and fill it back up. our landlord is supposed to come back in the morning today to start fixing up the parts of the wall that were ripped down. Unfortunately we have some more bad news to give him. When we first looked at this place, there was water damage on the downstairs ceiling from a leak from the shower. It was supposedly all fixed up before we actually moved in. After we took a shower this evening, I came back downstairs to check for leaks. I didn't see any leakage from the replaced pipes, but there's a soggy spot on the ceiling where that pre-move in spot was. :( But maybe since he's got that part of the wall ripped out right now, he'll be able to see what causes that leak and fix it before he patches the wall back up. *crosses fingers*

and that is why we silverfish

but i can't believe how long and hard our landlord worked on this. he was determined to make it so we could take a shower today. i felt so bad he spent so much time and effort here with problem after problem arising. he rocks it.

*we realized today that the growth of the two hosta plants has been identical.. with the one the right less than a day behind the one on the left. it's crazy.

Jun. 21st, 2007

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Tuesday was poo. I'll just leave it at that.

Yesterday was much better. Though we have a standing clog in our tub and are still waiting for the plumber to show up..
Dustin's dad helped us figure out the telescope that my mom gave to us. It's pretty sweet. There were some lenses missing by the time it was passed down to us though. I want to get some better lenses and the 35mm camera attachment. That would be sweet! We got to see some really great views of the moon, and we got to see Jupiter with its four moons. The lens is pretty low power. Jupiter looked like a star with four teeny tiny tiny tiny tiny white dots surrounding it. It was pretty cool though.
My hosta blooms opened up this morning. Little spiders like living there.
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Here's our convert-a-bench on the back patio.
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Jun. 18th, 2007

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father's day was fun. we didn't have to do anything. well, dustin had to work, so poo on that, but everything else was relaxed for a change. Leah colored some father's day cards for dustin, and we lounged all day. 

my fingertips are bruised from using metal knitting needles again. someday i'll have them all replaced with bamboo. i'm knitting my first lacey pattern, and i really like it. it's a horseshoe pattern, but it makes me think of plants.. leaves or vines. 

i scrubbed out the planter bench that was sitting in front of our new apt and planted the hosta plants. a few hours after they were planted, the flower stalks stood straight up. i can't believe how fast these things are growing. there's new leaf growth and new flower stalk growth on both plants, and one is already showing a purple flower. the convert-a-bench is all put together now. it's weather-proof and stain-proof, yay! now we just need a little grill, some plants for the back, and a hummingbird feeder and i'll be one super happy camper. and some non-toxic silverfish pesticide would be nice too. i wish the spiders would eat the silverfish.

we still haven't gone back to the old place to finish cleaning yet. i'm split between not doing it at all because the thought of that place makes me ill and just wanting to get it over with.. and the list of cleaning detail we have to do just to get back $250 seems not worth it. i'd like to hire someone else to do it and tell 'em they can have whatever i get back from the deposit :) but i guess sometimes i forget how poor we are and how much $250 really is to us. 

i really like my summer course: theater appreciation. it makes me want to take an applied theater course. the textbook rocks. i'm required to go to the springfield arts festival to see a free play of The Tempest in July. oh darn! lol i'm so excited. i want to go to the festival every day that weekend. my area's theater groups are kind of lacking. it makes me wish i still lived in columbus. i found out the other day that my dad got me a ticket to see Wicked in July in Columbus. July is going to be fun. 

pictures next time

Mar. 18th, 2007


As sick as I am of taking English courses with required writing of the uncreative type, I encountered some great things this quarter. I have a new favorite poem:

"Suburban," by John Ciardi, from Selected Poems (University of Arkansas Press).

Yesterday Mrs. Friar phoned. "Mr. Ciardi,
   how do you do?" she said. "I am sorry to say
this isn't exactly a social call. The fact is
   your dog has just deposited-forgive me-
a large repulsive object in my petunias."

I thought to ask, "Have you checked the rectal grooving
   for a positive I.D.?" My dog, as it happened,
was in Vermont with my son, who had gone fishing-
   if that's what one does with a girl, two cases of beer,
and a borrowed camper. I guessed I'd get no trout.

But why lose out on organic gold for a wise crack?
   "Yes, Mrs. Friar," I said, "I understand."
"Most kind of you," she said. "Not at all," I said.
   I went with a spade. She pointed, looking away.
"I always have loved dogs," she said, "but really!"

I scooped it up and bowed. "The animal of it.
   I hope this hasn't upset you, Mrs. Friar."
"Not really," she said, "but really!" I bore the turd
   across the line to my own petunias
and buried it till the glorious resurrection

when even these suburbs shall give up their dead. 

I had to write a three page comparison of that poem with this poem:

"In the Suburbs" by Louis Simpson, from At the End of the Open Road (Wesleyan University Press).

There's no way out.
You were born to waste your life.
You were born to this middleclass life
As others before you
Were born to walk in procession
To the temple, singing.

Jan. 22nd, 2007

mmmmm mardo

Oww! these guys radiate sex on stage. (aud/vid not in sync.. looks like pre-recorded audio overlay.. but they sound even better irl.) If they make it to Ohio again this year, I'll be there.
..what a lame-o crowd.. nobody's shakin their shit

Nov. 27th, 2006


I forgot to buy food for and feed my mom's bird. Wait, it's my sister's bird, but my mom takes care of it. My mom went out of town for a week over the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm usually the one to water the jungle she calls a garden, which isn't any trouble at all when it's cold outside. Then only the indoor plants need watered. So I was also supposed to buy food for the bird and feed him every time I was there. She was supposed to leave money out for the food, but she didn't. So I forgot about it until I went to feed him the first time. There was enough left to feed him that time. Then the next time I was going to stop by was on Thanksgiving. My sister was heading there anyway, so she offered to water the plants and take in the mail, AND I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THE BIRD!!! :( I didn't remember until this morning. I should have just gone there myself, went to feed the bird, and realized I needed to go buy him food. My mom got back yesterday. She called me, but I didn't get the message until 11:30pm. I think she's avoiding me today. :( Crap. I suck. I hope he's still alive.

I forgot to mention I experienced my first [unintentional] fire on Friday. Damn stovetop drip trays. I called my dad to thank him for the fire extinguisher that's been sitting in my kitchen closet for three years. That wasn't fun to clean up. It was certainly a reminder of how lucky I am and how much worse things could be. "Don't sweat the small stuff" never meant more.

KARAS: The Prophecy (trailer)

massive attack

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