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Jen, your Chinese sign is:


Mantra: Honesty opens all doors.

The Pig is true to his goals and beliefs. Their natural simplicity makes Pigs popular and loyal - once a friend, they'll be your friends for life. Pigs can be stubborn, but they will give in for the sake of peace. A Pig is happy to share what he or she has but needs to be the one taking the initiative in giving and wants to be rewarded for it. Sensual and energetic, she is persuasive and perceptive. The Pig sees and remembers everything.

Pigs love the truth and will try to look at things from both sides in order to find it. They can't lie, and so it is not always easy to live with them -- they tell it like it is, every time. They are always trying to strike a balance between what is the right thing to do for themselves and for others. But if you have lied to them once, they will not even consider your opinion again. They are full of wisdom and can discuss anything, since they have checked it all out before they speak. You can trust their knowledge -- they approach things scientifically, with everything being checked in detail. But because of their devotion to the truth above all else, they can be overly critical of others and turn away potential friends.

Love for the Pig Woman

These women enjoy life, and love is a great game for them. They are more charming than the male Pig. They are good listeners but enjoy talking and cuddling too. Elegant dressers, Pig women are reserved but warmhearted. You can seduce them with affection, openness and a love of family. They make great mothers, but they don't like their children to cheat.

Money for the Pig

Pigs can live and spend as ... well ... pigs. But they can afford it, as they tend to be fortunate with money. They are lucky in gambling and lotteries and find a way to manifest extra cash when they need it. They will help anyone in financial need, but they will not touch their savings for this. Don't borrow from a Pig and then come with excuses when you can't pay them back. In a situation like this, it will be much better to tell the truth, as Pigs value honesty above all else.

February 18, 2007 - February 6, 2008

Year of the Fire Pig

The Pig does not always have the best luck in the Year of the Pig. You can encounter many frustrations and obstacles while trying to accomplish your goals. Don't be too hard on yourself, though, or you may create too much stress in your body that could lead to infections or illness. Drink a lot of water to strengthen your kidneys and reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. On the bright side, the stars are shining brightly on both your love life and social life. As the Yin Fire Pig -- also called the Pink Pig -- you'll feel attractive and in your element at parties and meetings with like-minded people. You have the energy and enthusiasm to make all your dreams come true. Budgeting will help you focus on what is really important. Your spiritual side will emerge, but living in a monastery is definitely too extreme for you.

Feng Shui Tip: Place an image or a statue of a pig in the northern area of your living room and put your files in order. Always have water with you on your journey.

Famous Pigs:

Bryan Adams
Woody Allen
Julie Andrews
Fred Astaire
Lucille Ball
Humphrey Bogart
Glenn Close
Richard Dreyfuss
Farrah Fawcett
Ernest Hemingway
Barry Gibb
Alfred Hitchcock
Elton John
Kevin Kline
Jerry Lee Lewis
Dudley Moore
Marie Osmond
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Steven Spielberg
Emma Thompson