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what the hell

yesterday my landlord was here. for some reason he brought two other people (electricians?) with him. the upstairs bathroom outlets weren't working for some reason. as he was walking upstairs with the other two guys, he said something like 'find any money lately?' I said 'what?' He said 'find any big chunks of money lately?' I said 'Oh, no. I wish.' Turns out he was serious, which I didn't realize at first. He said the other day when he was here all day working on the plumbing he lost $1500. holy shit! 1500? who the crap walks around with $1500 CASH in their pocket? i had no idea what to say when i realized he was serious. i was shocked and later offended that he was so doubtless that he might have lost it anywhere but here.. and that we may have found it and not said anything. I know there's not really a good way to have a conversation like that.. well maybe casually throwing out a 'hey, i lost a shitload of money the other day. i was in and out of here and out and about so much that day it could be anywhere. would you let me know if you come across it?' saying it once is all that's required. had i come across that amount of money in here after he was here throughout that day.. even if he hadn't told me he lost it.. it wouldn't have taken much thought to realize it was probably his. i realize we just moved in here, and he doesn't really know us that well. i'm still offended though. i feel really bad that he lost so much money, and if i had a random $1500 sitting in my bank account with no determined purpose, i'd be tempted to give it to him and say 'hey look what i found.' i really hope he finds it somewhere other than here.. like his truck or something. i know how frantic i would be if i lost just a tiny portion of that amt. shit, i'm going crazy here because we're missing a set of keys. which unfortunately after all that.. made me wonder if my landlord grabbed them :( this really sucks. Dustin bent the house key, then i broke it trying to bend it back.. then we couldn't find the other set of keys that were here this morning when the landlord was fixing more of the wall. we had to leave before he did.. and that's shitty. i don't want to think my landlord might have taken my keys. we don't have a key to here now. and now we're missing two keys to the old place that were going to be turned in in a few days.. that's $100 right there for missing keys. fucking shit. what a stupid last two hours. i'm going to bed.